Call of Duty

Popular first-person shooter war video game franchise


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  • Works under: Windows 10
  • Also available for Android 
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Call of Duty is one of the most realistic World War II battle games ever created, and you can now download and play the game for yourself on your own computer.

This is a first-person shooter game that starts you off in the middle of World War II. Artificial intelligence characters arrive on the scene to assist your character in battles against enemies. Those characters often communicate with you and give you tips on fighting, but those characters can sometimes talk too much. As you cannot skip those scenes, you'll likely find the characters annoying at times. There are also glitches with the game that lead to those characters getting in your way or stopping your progress. To fix those glitches, you must download some of the patches released over the years.

As with other more modern Call of Duty games, this one gives you a series of objectives or missions that you must complete to advance. While some missions are easy to complete, others will take more time and work on your part. Completing one objective will often unlock a new objective and provide you with cash you can use in the game or new weapons. Some objectives also give you more ammunition.

One problem with Call of Duty is the artificial intelligence used in the creation of your enemies. You'll often find that those characters can keep shooting you without ever running out of bullets. Another issue is that you can shoot those same characters multiple times without inflicting any damage. When you get shot just once by the same enemy, you may die and find yourself back at the beginning of the level again.

Those problems are easy to overlook though because Call of Duty is such a great game. While its graphics look slightly outdated when compared to modern games, the excitement of bringing down the enemy and saving the world is something you will never forget. The game also features a great soundtrack that actually pulls you into the game and makes you feel like you are really there. With different levels of game play available, you can start out on the basic level and work your way up to the hardest setting. There are a lot of battle games available today, but Call of Duty lets you see how the franchise started.


  • Multiple skill settings offer more challenging game play
  • Realistic graphics pull you into the action
  • Impressive soundtrack builds up the excitement
  • Campaign mode changes up the action in each level
  • Various objectives and missions help you unlock new levels and weapons


  • AI characters can get in your way and halt your progress
  • AI enemies are sometimes very hard to beat
  • Hardest setting is extremely challenging
  • Fairly simple when compared to newer Call of Duty games
  • Graphics look outdated
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